Himalayan Salt Lamp – Shaped – Firebowl & Balls – Healing Ionising Pink Rock Lamp


Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – Round Fire Bowl with balls

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Natural Pure 100% Genuine Salt Lamps from the stunning Himalayan mountains.

This particular listing is for a round fire bowl with salt balls. Each bowl contains a selection of balls which can be arranged to your preference. Each lamp is is fitted with a wooden base and comes with a UK Certified cable with on / off switch and 15w bulb.

Our fire bowls with ball lamps weigh approx 3.5kgs. The base measures approx 100mm in diameter, width is approx 170mm and height varies from 160-180mm.

As a natural product the colours will vary from light pink / dark pink and orange.

Please see other listings for our crafted/shaped salt lamps – Angel, Ball, Pear, Heart, Leaf, Dome, Swan, Dolphin,  and Egg shapes. We also supply fire bowls with salt chunks or balls along with Iron baskets with salt chunks to add an amazing aura to your home

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Salt lamps are known to offer the following


  • A boost in blood flow
  • Improved sleep and levels of Serotonin
  • Calms allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Neutralize electromagnetic radiation
  • Air purification and improved in breathing


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Weight 3 kg