Pink Himalayan Salt Massage Stone (Heart) x 2


Pink Himalayan Salt Massage Stone.
Relax and Detox at low prices!

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Pink Himalayan Salt Massage Stones.

An excellent gift or treat yourself! – pack of 2 Heart salt massage stones! Use with oils for an effective massage stone.

Wet the massage stones and rub with your hands and then apply to your skin.

Store the salt stone in a dry area once used.

The stone can also be used as a form of natural deodorant, as it does not contain any perfume or alcohol. The natural anti bacterial properties of the Himalayan Rock Salt work to neutralise the bacteria released as the body perspires.

The salt stones can be used together with the Natural Himalayan Bath Salts for a complete beauty routine, helping to revitalise your skin.

Note, as this is a natural product the colours and appearance of the salt may vary from the images shown.


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